I guide motivated creatives from a place of confusion to a well established confidence in their brand and online presence. 


You are so ready to scale to that next level of success. You’ve already proven that you can do this and have big dreams for your business - you just need a brand identity to reflect that. But still, there's something blocking you from getting there...


With 8+ years of design experience - my mission is to guide passionate entrepreneurs on a path to fulfilling branding that incorporates your unique story. I’ll give you the confidence and tools you need to start the next chapter in your business!


A strategic partnership to take your business to the next level! Get ready to step into your unique purpose. Confident, prepared and ready to do the work that truly sets your soul on fire - all while paving the way for bigger and better things.














kind words

“Chelsea’s work is excellent! She is so creative and can guide you in the development of your own branding, as she did for my photography business. She is extremely professional and the design she developed for my brand blew my mind. Without a clear idea for my own brand she helped me identify and find the style that I can fully identify with.”



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You don't need to have all of the answers in order to start - you just have to be willing to take the very first step.

Welcome to my little online home; a place dedicated to designing custom brands, heartfelt pet portraits, pre-made content and more.

Here at Floral Wolf, I specialize in thoughtful design for creative entrepreneurs, crafted with strategy and intention - regardless of whether you are an up and coming entrepreneur, or simply someone who needs a creative eye. My approach has always been to combine an expertise in digital media with my deep rooted passion for art. My business model focuses on excellent client service and personalized creative branding strategies that communicate your story with purpose and personality. Your success is my success - and I promise to provide you with the guidance you need to make big things happen!

I absolutely love to step outside of the box when it comes to all things graphic design. So, as an anything but "cookie-cutter" artist I always strive to design in a way that is distinctly unique. Perfect fit is everything in my books, which is also why I take the time to listen to your story and get to know you on a personal level in order to reflect your personal style! I’m a sucker for small, thoughtfully created design and details; so each and every single project that I take on is unique and personal for all of my clients to say the least.

quality over quantity - always.

The good news is

you've got options!

I am more than happy to help discover the perfect fit for you. Feel free to reach out and schedule a complimentary call, learn more about my services or take a peek at my portfolio to view some of my most recent projects!