1. Let’s have a discussion about what you’d like to have done! Background scenery, pet name (if you would like to have it included) preferred art elements, colour scheme, etc. It’s very important that you describe what you have in mind beforehand, as only two minor revisions are included upon delivery of your portrait proof! Elements such as the pet photo & entire background are not included as minor revisions, as those are the most time consuming & will be charged 50% of the initial portrait total to revise. 


2. Next, you can email me your adorable pet photos to choose from! Cell phone photos are acceptable, just as long as they are of good resolution & have little to no blurriness. or pixelation. The better the quality of photos you provide, the better the end result! Here are some useful tips to help you get a great photo, right from your smart phone if need be:


• Get a close up of your pet in order to see all of the details more clearly.

• Get on their level - crouch down if need be when taking the photo to get close to their face / torso! 

• The best poses are when your pet is either sitting or standing - not laying down.

• Lighting is so important when it comes to a good photo - bright, outdoor / natural daylight is always the best option!


3. Once I receive your photos & e-transfer, you will be added to my work queue & I can get to work ASAP! I take on a limited amount of projects per week, so the sooner I receive everything the better. My turn around time is approximately 7-10 business days at the moment (this time can vary depending on the number of orders before yours). For multiple portraits, please add 1-2 business days for each additional pet. If this is a rush job or you have a specific deadline, feel free to let me know! Price will vary. 


4. The final digital file(s) will be emailed to you in a high quality JPG format (3600 x 5000 pixels - approximately 50 x 65 inches). This file can be scaled down to the size of your choosing when it comes time for you to print! Whether that be on canvas, photo paper, etc. I always recommend supporting your local print shop when it comes time to print - not Walmart Photo Lab! 




• I only provide you with a digital file, not a physical printed piece.

• The better quality of photo provided, the better the portrait.

• Custom pet portrait deposits are non reimbursable. 

• Only two revisions are included - additional changes will be billed separately.


• Single portrait with one pet: $65.00 (old advertisement pricing is no longer honoured & subject to change at any time). 

• Each additional pet included in a single portrait is $35.00 on top of the initial $65.00 portrait fee.

• Accepted payment method: E-transfer OR PayPal (chelsea.parenteau@live.ca).